Shadowland 'A Matter of Perspective'

A Matter of Perspective

The best of... Shadowland, a progressive project of Clive Nolan formed in 1992 featuring Clive Nolan (vocals), Karl Groom (guitar), Mike Varty (keyboard), Ian Salmon (bass) and Nick Harradence (drums). The album is a compilation of the band's best compositions. It also includes a brand new song, "Edge of Night". Released in 2008.

  1. The Whisterblower
  2. A Matter Of Perspective
  3. The Hunger
  4. Jigsaw
  5. U.S.I (United States of Insanity)
  6. Mephisto Bridge
  7. The Seventh Year
  8. Dreams Of The Ferryman
  9. Ring Of Roses
  10. Edge Of Night

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Clive Nolan 'Hidden Treasure'

Hidden Treasure

Hidden Treasure - Being a Collection of Demos, Oddities and Unreleased Material from 'She' and 'Alchemy'. Music and lyrics by Clive Nolan Released July 2015.

  1. Overture (Victoria Bolley)
  2. Journey of Life (Clive Nolan & Noel Calcaterra)
  3. Vulnerable (Agnieszka Swita)
  4. The Magician (Orchestral Demo)
  5. Closer (Gemma Louise Edwards)
  6. Amelia (Matthew Ronchetti)
  7. Job's Lament (Ian Baldwin)
  8. Desperate Days (Becky Carter)
  9. In Aeternum (Agnieszka Swita)
  10. Unwelcome Guest (Verity Smith & Ross Andrews)
  11. History (Chris Lewis)
  12. Share This Dream (Gemma Louise Edwards)
  13. The Awkward Path (Orchestral Demo)

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"Song of the Wildlands" Earbook, Vinyl and CD

Wildlands out now

“Song of the Wildlands” by Clive Nolan was released in September 2021 in various formats: a classic black vinyl, a blood red double vinyl (limited edition), a digipack CD and an earbook. The ‘Earbook’ is a vinyl-size hardback book containing four discs: the album, a special instrumental version of the album, and a documentary on both DVD and Blu Ray formats. Inside the book, you will find amazing artwork by David Wyatt, photographs, English and Old English lyrics and many other details about the project. “Song of the Wildlands” has gathered a vast number of artists, including four soloists, an international 200 voice choir, and a rock band, resulting in a highly impressive musical and visual experience.

“Song of the Wildlands” was released by Crime Records in collaboration with We Låve Rock Music. The album is based on one of the epics of Old English literature entitled “Beowulf”, a tale of grandeur and heroic deeds, about a Scandinavian warrior fighting the world of evil.

“Song of the Wildlands” ‘earbook’, cd and vinyl are available for WORLDWIDE shipping from Crime Records online store.

Below, order UK shipping ONLY.

1. 'Song of the Wildlands' CD 17 + 3 (UK postage)

2. 'Song of the Wildlands' Earbook 42 + 5 (UK Postage)

3. 'Song of the Wildlands' Black Vinyl 30 + 5 (UK Postage)

4. 'Song of the Wildlands' Red Vinyl Limited 32 + 5 (UK postage)


Earbook sm

Illustrasjonsphoto Vinyl sm

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Clive Nolan 'Skeletons in the Cupboard - Archive Vol.1'


Archive recordings featuring Karl Groom, Martin Orford, Tina Riley, Tracy Hitchings, Ian Salmon. Released in 2003.

  1. Walk on Water (Clive Nolan)
  2. Listen to the Doctor (Partners in Crime)
  3. Heaven (Partners in Crime)
  4. Old Priest Suite (Film Music)
  5. Say Goodbye to the President (The Cast)
  6. Beauty and the Beast (Dance Mix)
  7. Jigsaw (Shadowland Demo)
  8. The Whistleblower (Shadowland Demo)
  9. In My Heart (Tina Riley)
  10. Tomorrow Today (The Cast)
  11. Out in the Cold (The Cast)
  12. Quantum Leap (Nolan & Orford)

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Laura Piazzai sings the music of Clive Nolan CD



“From the Outside In” is a new album by Clive Nolan featuring a powerful rock vocal by the Italian singer Laura Piazzai. The album is a collection of the classic material written by Clive and reinterpreted by Laura, as well as songs composed especially for this album. The album features guest musicians, exciting new songs, new arrangements of Clive’s old compositions, and lots of musical surprises!

Release date: October 2019.

"From the Outside in"

1. Beauty and the Beast
2. Shadows
3. From Ignorance to Ecstasy
4. (I Can't) Walk on Water
5. Book of Thoughts
6. Sacrifice
7. Sensing a Presence (ft. Andy Sears)
8. (I Can See Your) House from Here
9. Murder
10. From the Outside in
11. Closer
12. Whole Again
13. Horizons in Your Eyes

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Caamora 'Journey's End... An Acoustic Anthology'

Journey's End

A double CD live album with bonus studio track, an interview. Featuring special guests: Christina Booth, Mark Westwood, Claudio Momberg and others. Released in 2008.

Act 1

  1. Journey's End (Bonus Track)
  2. So The Music Stops (Live In Poland)
  3. Sacrifice (Live In Poland)
  4. Covenant Of Faith (Live In Poland)
  5. Embrace (Live in England)
  6. Shadows Of Fate (Live In England)
  7. The Bonding (Live In England)
  8. Mea Culpa (Live In Chile)
  9. Horizons In Your Eyes (Live In Chile)
  10. Judgement (Live In Chile)
  11. Eleventh Hour (Live In Chile)
  12. Murder (Live In Bolivia)
  13. Resting Place (Live In Bolivia)
  14. Invisible (Live In Germany)
  15. Closer (Live In Germany)

Act 2

  1. Shadows (Live In Belgium)
  2. State Of Grace (Live In Belgium)
  3. Glimmer of Light (Live in Belgium)
  4. The Veil (Live In Argentina)
  5. (I Can See Your) House From Here (Live In Argentina)
  6. Salamander (Live In Argentina)
  7. Confrontation (Live In Argentina)
  8. The Storm (Demo)
  9. Vigil (Demo)
  10. The Hermit (Demo)
  11. In Aeternum (Bonus Track)
  12. Grunwald (Bonus Track)
  13. Father (Bonus Track)
  14. Midnight Radio Interview (With Darren Redick)

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Caamora 'Embrace'


The 'Embrace' EP featuring performances by Mark Westwood, Martin Bowen, John Jowitt and Scott Higham. Released in 2008.

  1. Embrace (Sung by Agnieszka Swita)
  2. Resting Place (Studio version)
  3. The Eleventh Hour (Live Version)
  4. Invisible (A Capella Version)

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Caamora 'Walk on Water'


The 'Walk on Water' EP features new material specially written for this release and two songs from 'She - the Musical'. With performances by Mark Westwood, John Jowitt and Scott Higham. Released in 2007.

  1. Walk on Water
  2. Shadows
  3. I Can See Your House From Here
  4. Invisible

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Clive Nolan & Agnieszka Swita 'Closer'


The 'Closer' EP is presented in the names of Clive Nolan and Agnieszka Swita, and features back catalogue material written by Clive, as well as some new material from 'She - the Musical'. The music has been arranged and recorded specially for this one-off release. Released in 2006.

  1. Half Moon Street
  2. A World Somewhere
  3. The Bonding
  4. Sacrifice
  5. Closer

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