Clive Nolan 'Skeletons in the Cupboard - Archive Vol.1'


Archive recordings featuring Karl Groom, Martin Orford, Tina Riley, Tracy Hitchings, Ian Salmon. Released in 2003.

  1. Walk on Water (Clive Nolan)
  2. Listen to the Doctor (Partners in Crime)
  3. Heaven (Partners in Crime)
  4. Old Priest Suite (Film Music)
  5. Say Goodbye to the President (The Cast)
  6. Beauty and the Beast (Dance Mix)
  7. Jigsaw (Shadowland Demo)
  8. The Whistleblower (Shadowland Demo)
  9. In My Heart (Tina Riley)
  10. Tomorrow Today (The Cast)
  11. Out in the Cold (The Cast)
  12. Quantum Leap (Nolan & Orford)

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