Laura Piazzai sings the music of Clive Nolan CD



“From the Outside In” is a new album by Clive Nolan featuring a powerful rock vocal by the Italian singer Laura Piazzai. The album is a collection of the classic material written by Clive and reinterpreted by Laura, as well as songs composed especially for this album. The album features guest musicians, exciting new songs, new arrangements of Clive’s old compositions, and lots of musical surprises!

Release date: October 2019.

"From the Outside in"

1. Beauty and the Beast
2. Shadows
3. From Ignorance to Ecstasy
4. (I Can't) Walk on Water
5. Book of Thoughts
6. Sacrifice
7. Sensing a Presence (ft. Andy Sears)
8. (I Can See Your) House from Here
9. Murder
10. From the Outside in
11. Closer
12. Whole Again
13. Horizons in Your Eyes

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